At Midland Denture Clinic we understand that broken dentures can be embarrassing and inconvenient. That’s why we endeavour to repair most dentures on the same day. However, if the break is complex, it may take longer.

In many instances, we are able to repair broken dentures while you wait.

If your dentures have cracked, it is important that you do not attempt to glue the denture back together, as this makes it difficult to repair properly. It is also recommended that you do not wear a denture that is broken or cracked.

How does it work?

Before we can repair your denture, it must be thoroughly cleaned and soaked in cleaning agent. Using the broken denture as a model, our Dental Prosthetist pours a plaster model, grinds the broken surfaces, mixes new acrylic and pours it into the join.

The denture then needs to be cured. Once this is done, your denture is trimmed, polished and cleaned ready for use.

To arrange an appointment, call us on (08) 9250 5215.