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Midland Denture Clinic offers same-day relines. Relines are sometimes needed when there are bone and tissue changes due to general wear and tear, tooth loss, bone loss, or sickness.

Relining adjusts the fit of your dentures to make them more secure on your gums.

If your denture is not fitting as well as it used to, we may be able to place a new tissue-fitting surface within the existing denture, provided that the denture is in good condition.

How does it Work?

Our Dental Prosthetist cleans your denture and removes 2mm to 3mm of the surface that fits against your gums. We then mix and place acrylic resin in the denture and take an impression of your gum tissue with the denture sitting in your mouth.

The reline material then hardens and the denture is checked and polished, ready for use.

It is generally recommended that dentures be relined after four (4) years and replaced after eight (8) years.